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Email: miajonitaresorts@inbox.com
Alternative: ldmrecordingstudio@inbox.com
Virtual Platform/Builder: Open Sims
What is Open Sims: Open Sims or OS is short for Open Simulator. This is a 3D Application Server, Used to create your own virtual world, similar to Second Life and others like it.
I remember one day, i was doing some virtual world research, and came across open sims, the website as a reference. I was interested, but felt it was too hard to build, once i read the details and website. A month later, i came across the same website, after re-opening a new account in Second Life, and figured, “What the heck, i need virtual property, virtual meeting place, virtual teacher office, virtual yoga studio, virtual classrooms, virtual everything, and the investment is rising every year, to every month. Let me try it, hard or not.” That began our journey. We began updating our Fans, Visitors, and Student Networks about The Mia Jonita Resort, and within week 5, we are hitting international countries before its grand opening. I have read so many computer data codes, i dream about them in my sleep. It takes a lot of patience, but fun at the same time. An Amazing world, if you love the virtual life and Second life benefits. There are so many ventures to create and communities to build. Each Public Grid and Virtual World, has its own special purpose and work of art. I do suggest, those interested, to please; pursue the virtual worlds a little more before building your own. The Beginner stepping stones, would be to social, play, have fun, and learn more about the virtual simulation life first, before you jump into Open Sims. I know some, that barely play online games, apps, and virtual networking, but will dare devil themselves into a huge level like OS. I also listed my other worlds, for those interested.
The Open Sims Community, as a whole, are made of hard working; experts, pros, and supportive team members. You receive free online help and tutoring, for the value of $200 an hour, in my opinion. That’s virtual Love.~Dr Leslie M. Moore, SR CEO
Other Virtual Worlds:
IMVU Accounts: Dr16506 and Virtualyogi
Frenzoo: Yogi Goddess
Second Life: Yogi Firecaster