Mia Mag. Edition I, Preview

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v  The Season of 3D

v  Futuristic  Adventures

v  Avatar Model Fashions

v  Avatar Model Body Types

v  Avatar Dating and Social

v  PPV Gigs

v  Building a world, the work ethic

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YG and Mia Venues

I’ve just updated my site using http://www.yola.com/ See what’s changed for venues and virtual events. We will be planning a (Print and Poster) schedule, testing session, and promotion events. We have so far, a on demand and live platform selected. Visit : http://ygtickets.yolasite.com

Start vClasses…

Welcome, learn about our School foundation first, and then; we have a variety of Virtual Articles Below.

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If you are already 3D, then as a fan or student of LDM; you will enjoy our Mia Jonita Resorts.

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What to Expect at LDM Campus, Within Mia Jonita….


[my first campus]

[Mia Jonita Rentals]

[Love and Divinity Mountain]

[Yogi Goddess island]

[LDM Yoga Campus]

[LDM Recording Campus]

Grid Login Status:

[my first campus]

[Mia Jonita Rentals]

Grid Status:

Private-during Construction

Campus Life:


Dorm life

Campus Classrooms

Student Chapel/Temple

Music Lounge/Y.G Music/Y.G Gigs/Events

School Sections:

[my first campus]

[LDM Yoga Campus]

[LDM Recording Campus]

[Yogi Goddess island]

Business/Meetings, Vacations, Resort Life, Hotel, Visitor Church/Temple, Parties Est:

[Mia Jonita Rentals]

[Love and Divinity Mountain]

[Yogi Goddess island]

Within Our Improved vClass room.

learn some new tips and related business articles, on virtual life and the business world.

We found a list of information for:

New Business, New Virtual Fans, and Virtual Entrepreneurs.