Campus Lounge Disclaimer

Campus Lounge Disclaimer:

Similar to our class disclaimer of 2009-*now to YG ecrater* (University Class/Group Policy: Similar to Most Universities, if we have a low class enrollment, that could cause LDM to either cancel the Course, change the schedule or Location of the Class. This serves as a General Disclaimer. In most situations, the Course or Class is converted to being Online Based or Relocated to a Different Virtual Estate of LDM. This serves for any LDM Workshop, Event, Michigan On Site Class, and so on. 100% Refunds will apply to any LDM Related Cancellation. For the Broadcast, no refund will be needed; due to the free default. See our Categories for General Withdrawal Policies. This will only be listed in the Counseling Corner Virtual Estate.)

If there are none to low gig or venue enrollments, Mia and YG; will be be hosting a cancellation, due to the event being designed for our Resort and fan community.

If our resort and campus is ‘open early’, before the pre-posted gig dates, this can also cause a cancellation or event conversion. Conversion means, the event will be video recorded within the region and resort itself. 100% refunds or credits (customer’s choice) would be issued within this special situation.

We still function as a campus life and distance education formatted, all music events and activities, serve for Campus Entertainment and new fans.

See also our credit disclaimer to understand the Mia Resort Formation.