LDM Detroit Release Statement

LDM Detroit Release Statement
Hello and Welcome,
Here is an Official, LDM Detroit Release Statement,
Designed for the Internet Market, Media, and News.
Fan Research Demands, over 2,000 monthly.
Love and Divinity In Motion, of Old Redford District, Upper Westside, of Detroit, Wayne Co.,
Bordering Redford/Southfield City limits
LDM Recording Studio, of Old Redford District, Upper Westside Detroit , Bordering Redford/Southfield City limits
LDM Recording Studio Management, Urban Westland Bordering Livonia/Canton City Limits, Wayne Co. , MI
(See our other sites for location link reference, to serves for Westland and Historic Old Redford)
you need any services, as a Satellite Location and Studios, we are listed in “CC Office” from (our former radio shows), and Can be Messaged in IMVU. We currently do not use any other web message options. After 2008, we no longer use other (Southfield in 2008) office locations due to most of you all are not in Detroit, Michigan, or the US. Afterwards, we began researching 3D tools 2009-2010. In the Future after our 2008 experience, we will only be expanding for Satellite purposes, including video green screen and equipment, Recording Studio and digital/music equipment. Hope that helps, all the fans in general, thanks everyone.*
*Our upcoming 3D world (Mia Jonita Resorts), is designed by surreal and realism standards, it can be naturally observed in any fashion, when it comes to location until further notice. Those overseas, may designate us China, UK, US, Japan, unless we title a region a specific location, similar to some public OS grids and SL regions. Right now, our regions are designed by LDM Regional Campus. We are leaving some elements to the Fans imagination.*
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