YG General Disclaimer

Hey everyone,
U will see this posted, as needed or related; to a class, music store, or profile.

YG Disclaimer. All audios and music are under the master license of YG, Yogi Goddess, LDM Recording, and Mia Jonita. Please see permission, hosting rules, and LDM Inc. before online use or streaming. Radio and podcasts vary, ‘you do have permission’ for radio and podcast use from LDM. This is for non exclusive use and streaming only

We are working on our campus, music, audios, and 3D life. We do appreciate all groups.
We run into many fans, peeps, friends, and trolls. So we try to document whats needed for all groups.

We will try to post more blogs, memos, and notes. At times we use private and public mailing lists.
In between see twitter or reverb nation for Official fan mailing list.