Cyber Monday Store Selections

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Its Cyber Monday tomorrow,we have decided on a final selection, of 2 stores; for the line up.This Promos as a combo, LDM, YG, and Mia Publications. Continue reading “Cyber Monday Store Selections”

FB Profiles

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We (LDM, YG, Mia) has re-opened the 2 Original FB (Facebook) Accounts.

This is designed for Board and General Communications, with those not in our other networks or primary: IMVU, SL, Myspace, Twitter, or yearbook, est.

Keep in mind, Our Fan base is rarely, rated on the social networks but Fan Interests and reports.

1.  Leslie Michelle Yogi

(represents LDM Yoga, LDM, Leslie)

2. Chinastar Tigerlily

(represents YG, Yogi Goddess, MJ Resorts)