Movie class of slang 201

Movie class of slang 201:

years: 1983

 *Also: Steven King Movie,

*Steven King to Comedy

*The Movie lines are Embedded in your mind, over time.

 *1983 – Cujo*

(always adult reference to someone’s mean dog or pit bull.)

Use in a sentence real country; people laugh by default….”Keep your Cujo under control.-lol. “Keep your Cujo in da house!”

 *1983 – Christine*

 (Rare as it seems. A funny movie parallel with red cars. Always a reference to someone’s ‘red mean car’, or a ‘pretty red car of trouble’ .)

Use in a sentence real country; people laugh by default….”I don’t know why, he keep getting dat Christine fixed, no dat car can’t act right”.-lol.  or “I tried to bless da Christine but he removed my crosses from da thang.-lol.”
 Movie class of slang 201 complete.

Movie Class of Slang 101

Movie class of slang:

year: 1984


 *Children of the Corn*

revise to:

*Chillren of da Curn*

(always adult reference since 1984)

Use in a sentence real fast; people laugh by default….”You would think, he was from ‘Chillren of da Curn'”-lol*.

Use again, in a corny fashion, to break it down like real, factual, text book information: “He is… (pause) like (from) the Chillren…. (pause) of da Curn,….. (pause) that grew.'”. *

 Movie class of slang complete.