Tech..yesterday and today

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Hello All,

We are almost back to our former Fall status for 2011.
Our Calendar is based around tech and the Mia Birthday Anniversary.
We have a busy season for celebrations by default, this yr, adding MIA.
A calendar will be blogged, including UCLA classes related to MIA.

Most of the Sept news below, is still valid.
social gold at jambool, had its own business shift.
For open source, we are exactly open, however; dedicated to paypal Business and training for developers.
This is after (Winter Holidays ’10’) losing our Mia Jonita Beta to a converting tech issue.
We almost combined (Open Sim) versions 6 and 7 (most recent).
The results required too much of a work ethic and way off our blueprint planning.
The Concept, however; was too cool, or for a moment at least.
The land or island; Regions went from old to New, but got stuck.-Spring 2011-Mia Management.

Sat., Sept. 18th, 2010, 10-11pm

The Current Status of: Mia Jonita Resorts

1. Still testing grid mode and viewers benefits

2. Shifting to web server, web interface, and web hosting user acct.

3. Researching options for in world/out world accounting and  money management.

Will use the most, virtual ethical, and professional means of transferring under (virtual) vcurrency and (virtual) vexchange. So far, many virtual worlds and grids seem to have no issues, example IMVU and Second Life.

We are also accounting with:  Social Gold at

(Currently not available to public, under future testings)

or also, pay pal developers options.

Will keep everyone posted, or new users after Grand opening this fall, will receive news, memos, and updates.