Campus Acct. New Site

We are working on a new site for campus acct.

this really is needed for myself, board, and jobs.

However, it serves the public and students,

at the same time.

For LDM,

we are using SLE and Mia to spot the acct. sites,

and promos.

We listed our resume links to spot the acct. ,

resume room/page.


Mia Public Page w/memo

Thanks for following us and the campus division,

of Mia Jonita.

If u are a veteran of LDM,

as a reader, viewer of vodcast,  or social fan

then to track the actual division,

See SLE, Starlight  Enterprises of Detroit.

Mia is not directly listed yet, for the Campus

old depts (weebly) or accreditation bio.


for the updates…thanks everyone…

Mia Public FB page

Make sure to catch, the Mia public FB.
For other updates, catch the Mia Jonita wordpress.