Mia Tech Tweets, on a Sunday Morning…

Mia Tech Tweets, Sunday Morning

1m (sunday) Mia Jonita (Creator) @miajonitaresort
we could be the only one building, as a virtual world for international and even local too.. in general. #michigan #miajonitaresorts

2m Mia Jonita (Creator) @miajonitaresort
i will have to research, i know colleges over here do virtual world studies, but a world itself, i am not sure. #michigan #miajonitaresorts

3m Mia Jonita (Creator) @miajonitaresort
I could be wrong, but are there any virtual worlds in Michigan?

5m Mia Jonita (Creator) @miajonitaresort
stopping by, morning peeps. #michigan #miajonitaresorts #homeoffice

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10m Love and Divinity @OnlineDrLeZ
updates in a bit and graphics before i forget. once i zone, its hours of tech. #cisco…: http://yearbook.com/a/29y0q7

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10m Love and Divinity @OnlineDrLeZ
tech is coming along, its putting in the voffice hours day to day. #ciscosystems #mia…:

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