How do I log in to Aditi?

How do I log in to Aditi?
How do I log in to Aditi?

You can use the same Second Life viewer you already use to log into Second Life. At the login screen, hit Ctrl-⇧ Shift-G. At the bottom of the screen to the right of the "Log In" button, you will see a dropdown menu that allows you to select the grid that you want to log in to.

Select "Second Life Beta Test" (aka Preview or Aditi) to log into the Test Grid. To return to the Main Grid select "Second Life Main Grid (Agni)" at your next login. (On some third-party viewers a number of other grids may be listed in this dropdown.)

Residents: Jus Login to the alter Grid vs Main. Everything is tester and Lindens (Not used,
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