Meanwhile the Vacay

Meanwhile the Vacay
So whats new? •━•━━━━━━✯━━━━━━━━✯━━━━• ✰ Every freakin thing Ya’ll In SL: We have 3 rentals ft Beach, Vacay, Yoga office, then Linden (4 places) •━•━━━━━━✯━━━━━━━━✯━━━━• ✰ But i aint rich •━•━━━━━━✯━━━━━━━━✯━━━━• Sooooo i may let this go •━•━━━━━━✯━━━━━━━━✯━━━━• ✰ This rental has 1 day, 21 hours, 28 minutes and 44 seconds left.
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