Rev Goddess Reboot

Rev Goddess Reboot
Stretching my Budget at Forest Key a week. Adding my items. A Rev Goddess Reboot. Music/Online option: ✿❀✿ Wнo: ~★ DJ D-Luv Rawbert Ciccone (DanielLoveStefani) ★~ ✿❀✿ Wнαт: ♬ Top Pop/Soft Rock 70s-Today ♬ ✿❀✿ Wнere: Muddys (146,132,23) ✿❀✿ Wнeɴ: ► Now-4 pm SLTime ◄
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Decided to rent the Skyhome-The Sky Castle

Decided to rent the Skyhome-The Sky Castle
Its been a busy week. Decided to rent the Skyhome-The Sky Castle from Forest Key. Now can I afford this, NOOO. I do have my rent for the Commercial island, Most important.

[09:26] CasperLet: Hey, thanks for renting with us! You now have 1 week left on the clock.
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