Day: June 4, 2020

TY Readers within blogger and wordpress (2)

TY Readers within blogger and wordpress (2) Happy June: [13:20] Now playing: MUDDYS – ON THE NET 24. [13:20] Now playing: Pitbull Ft Chris Brown – Fun Visit Kiura (241, 190, 52)

TY Readers within blogger and wordpress

TY Readers within blogger and wordpress •━•━━━━━━✯━━━━━━━━✯━━━━• TY Readers within blogger and wordpress. WordPress hits the search engines, trying to update natural and also my SL readers. •━•━━━━━━✯━━━━━━━━✯━━━━• ✯For ebooks we are Listed Amazon Kindle and Google Play app✯ ✯ LDM Mia, LDM Yoga,… Continue Reading “TY Readers within blogger and wordpress”

Yoga has Many Masters…

Yoga has Many Masters… •━•━━━━━━✯━━━━━━━━✯━━━━• …We all must keep in mind; the path of Yoga has many founders, teachers, Gurus, and ancient Masters. Each Master or founder has his own Yoga Path. As a student or trainee, we can freely learn from all the… Continue Reading “Yoga has Many Masters…”

What is Hatha?

What is Hatha? •━•━━━━━━✯━━━━━━━━✯━━━━• …Each Style provides a form of healing, detox, stress relieve, relaxation, meditation, and problem solving; in proven scientific techniques. The Path itself can be spiritual or non spiritual, Meditation or no Meditation, Hinduism or Non-Hinduism, Buddhism or Non-Buddhism…. •━•━━━━━━✯━━━━━━━━✯━━━━• ✯For… Continue Reading “What is Hatha?”

Hatha is a #yoga of balance✯

Hatha is a #yoga of balance✯ •━•━━━━━━✯━━━━━━━━✯━━━━• Hatha is a yoga of balance, gentleness, strength, fitness, and awakening energy. Some individuals of the Spiritual and Meditation Yoga will misunderstand the physical styles, and vice versa. As I mentioned in my Alternative Therapy book, Yoga… Continue Reading “Hatha is a #yoga of balance✯”

Alicia Keys – Underdog

Alicia Keys – Underdog •━•━━━━━━✯━━━━━━━━✯━━━━• ✰[09:07] Now playing: Alicia Keys – Underdog •━•━━━━━━✯━━━━━━━━✯━━━━• Visit Subbarao (61, 37, 2701)

GDFR (Going Down For Real)

GDFR (Going Down For Real) Now playing: Flo-Rida feat. Sage The Gemini – GDFR (Going Down For Real) Visit Subbarao (61, 37, 2701)

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