Conspiracy Theories and Stress

On floating conspiracy Theories on the Convid19….i don’t know, some are pretty weird. However on stress data i do support. We all have to monitor more now than ever before our stress levels. Also for those supportive of holistic and yoga lifestyles, the tips vary. For pros, experts, teachers, est; please regulate your daily schedules and seek Balance to fight the Convid19. Just my random ideas.

DailyOM – Life as We Know It

Love this one. I find the Status quo is very rarely used and does exist. I see it within my family structure (it sits like a rock of steel, applied beyond my (65yrs) parents awareness) and social today. On accident the status quo or society status is ok. Its your earned prosperity, your resume achievement, your graduation, your material wealth, your new marriage, your kids…However i will take note myself, on change; that effects everything including this status. On road blocks, your status can aid or hinder. A 50/50.