Day: June 11, 2020

Conspiracy Theories and Stress

On floating conspiracy Theories on the Convid19….i don’t know, some are pretty weird. However on stress data i do support. We all have to monitor more now than ever before our stress levels. Also for those supportive of holistic and yoga lifestyles, the tips… Continue Reading “Conspiracy Theories and Stress”

Watch “$1,000 Stimulus Check & NEW Stimulus Package Update 6-11-20” on YouTube

Watch “COVID-19 cases in US grow to more than 2 million l ABC News” on YouTube

Watch “Coronavirus cases jump nearly 300% since May 1 in Arizona” on YouTube

Goddess Thoughts

Over forty, under Fifty:This decade, Sho take adjustments. But still achieving, still healing. #virtualwork #goddesslife

DailyOM – Life as We Know It Love this one. I find the Status quo is very rarely used and does exist. I see it within my family structure (it sits like a rock of steel, applied beyond my (65yrs) parents awareness) and social today. On accident the status quo… Continue Reading “DailyOM – Life as We Know It”

Stargazer Creations

Sci-Fi and Fantasy Living

Inner Peace

True wealth is the wealth of the soul


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Your brain is my playground

and I shall not litter.

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