Daisies And Sunny Days Go Hand In Hand

Cherri's SL OnFleek Picks

June 20th 2020 TWE12VE #1_001EDITPhotos by: Cherri Oh

♥ Whenever I see daisies I think of that movie “You’ve Got Mail” and Meg Ryan’s character’s question to Tom Hanks about daisies; “Don’t you think daisies are friendliest flowers?”  I do! They always make me smile and reminds me of summer! Which segues into what I’m wearing 😛


♥ Dress – “Cora Mini Dress/ Daisies by: Prism @ TWE12VE June’s Round

♥ Necklace & Bouquet – “Daisies” by: Sweet Evil

♥ Hair – “Cassie Hair” by: DOUX @ TresChic

June 20th 2020 TWE12VE #3_001EDIT

♥ ♥ ♥ Photos taken at Whimberly  ♥ ♥ ♥

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