Totem Beach, hidden secrets.

Totem Beach, hidden secrets.
Totem Beach Nestled along the Pacific North West, Totem Beach awaits those who enjoy the ocean and forests of the region. Surf the waves, dive the canyons, explore the cliffs, walk through the forest, and perhaps even discover some hidden secrets.

Location: Cosmic Cove
Visit Cosmic Cove (222, 93, 26)

Yoga office, July Ending

A mini note:I hope Everyone are well and sane during these hard times. I am catching up on my ebooks and yoga courses as a Coach. One book will mention Yoga health during Convid19. My Perceptions will include (in uniqueness) stress mgt and Yoga tips. Meditation is recent yrs, is highly requested by students in general. I will hopefully include everything together. I do mention meditations, however; in my other yoga ebooks. So more coming soon. – LDM Mia, LDM Yoga, Lez Michelle.