LDM Radio – Chakra #Yoga

HQ Podcast Library, Volume set 2:

HQ Podcast Library, Volume set 2:

Rather you are a former listener of our old Podcast Radio or brand new, you now can enjoy our Fitness shows. Yes, all of our podcast audios were not lost to itunes or the web world. We did save, store, and tech archive each one. We hosted 6 audio channels featuring therapy fitness and Yoga. However i am very selective and i choose only the best versions that benefit your home studio. We have unlimited volumes from our radio yrs of 2008-2010. Our (itunes) Broadcast Retired Summer 2010, due to a transition in Gcast, Garageband. You can find Garageband now a studio recording app for apple mobile. https://gumroad.com/yogigoddess

This volume includes 1 zip file from our former years, regarding Yoga Chakra fitness ft (Throwback) Radio Tunes, yoga tips and exercises; and a full audio. Our Fit Audios are timeless and blends with any year you tune in. You will love this show like its present day. The Studio Donation Price: 15-25 Euro (Thx Again) https://gum.co/podcast2


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