Life without coffee

Throwback moods. Agggghhhh. My coffee is coming (in mail) but i am dragging secretly til then. It sucks. I’m ok otherwise. #homeoffice #virtualwork #blogging #secondlife

Coming Up::December::Virtual Workshop 2

✍🏾On a holiday break🍃 but I will reboot our virtual workshop for December. Some topics will cont., hopefully new yoga, and general wellness for the winter. ✨Focus is: Renewing your mind, body, and spirit for the holidays and Convid🤔👍🏾. Workshops are free and streamed….

#Spiritual #Doorways – Church office

✍🏾Quick Reflections🌷: May sound odd but took me 2 decades⌛️ to understand this concept. There are spiritual doorways and windows. These sometimes change constantly depending on your awareness, issues, and situations. They most definite are chi/energy and seen in your deep sleep. So as…

I need my #Zen (Asia #SL Flashback)

✍🏾Yessssssssss, I need my Zen.⛩ Problem is, My time mgt😜😅 📋Between real life jobs, virtual office, and VR SL.🤔 ✨Europe Resident of SL, Mia Gaming of OSims, Detroit MI US of RLife, ⛩A Psychedelic, Therapy Brand📿 ©LDM Yoga, | ©LDM Mia Corp, ©Mia J….

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