Self Healing – Anxiety Stress – Situations

Sept 2nd, 1-2p:
I notice random moments my stress shoots sky high. I don’t plan or catch but in those moments.
I do keep a general concept of what to do, next time around.
Only then we start our bad habits of overeating or quick fixes.

1. Yoga/Pilates helps or general stretching poses. Even 1 or 2 poses help. (Sessions optional)
2. Breathe and say any affirmation. This is in the moment. Methods/Plans form slow.
3. For new problems, a bill, Your work, bad alerts, just release them with its done. I will fix it. Do not plan how until after your relax. Affirm a declare, my problem is solved.
4. After breathing or relaxing then checklist your issues.
5. We are in a pandemic think positive.
6. We are in this together world wide.
7. Solving problems can be challenging but create a new reality or new world.
8. I believe a new world forms from this crisis.

Throwbacks from summer 2020

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