Complications in Nite office – Part 1

This effects only fans and yoga readers.

Now…my ‘get certified’ domain is deleted but took my website down for my ‘LDM Mia’ domain.
Now to balance, i did record needed info from off line status.
Next i will have my wix netbroker (free sub domain)
Become a premium domain and website.
So online any search reference to the netbroker site will be down. Doing transfers tonite and domain announced.
So much extra work on top of my aide rounds. Those are now three times a day. Now Featuring random interruptions.
Honestly, Home office is hitting its max. I know we are in a ongoing pandemic but i have to blueprint my office suite needs. Home office is a pain. I have mgt home office and studio 10 of 15 business years.

Lez Michelle💃🏾, VR Owner of Mia Estates OS, VR Resident of SL, ⛩Yoga Rev Coach📿, & Blogger.

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