Day: September 8, 2020

Watch “Tom Cruise Talks ‘Mission: Impossible 7’ Stunt” on YouTube

Owning Your keys and power

Yoga Therapy/Reflection: First looking forward to Matrix 4. So glad its in production. Second, Every reality has a key master, ‘metaphor’ wise. So do we use this room? Do we use our keys? Do you own your power? Do you have control? Its time… Continue Reading “Owning Your keys and power”

After Labor Day (US)

Sho is glad the holiday is over. For our family is actually work to mgt traditions. Contradicts the concept of labor day but 😅ok. Hope everyone is 💕ok Convid wise.👍🏾 Throwbacks, SL travels, summer 2019 ✨Europe Resident of SL, Detroit MI US of RLife,… Continue Reading “After Labor Day (US)”

Movie Marathons – Back to the Future

My Generation: The best comfort movie, especially holidays. Marathons are perfect for any holiday i think. ✨Europe Resident of SL, Detroit MI US of RLife, ⛩Yoga Rev Coach📿, & Blogger.Lez Michelle, Brand ©LDM Yoga, | ©LDM Mia Corp, ©Mia J. Resorts, Yogi Goddess, |… Continue Reading “Movie Marathons – Back to the Future”


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