Day: September 12, 2020

The two realities – Dreams

I dreamt last night the opposite reality. I dreamt of campus life, the hustle in paperwork doing financial aid, the invasion of privacy in college life, the social circle and sum odd situations, the whole thing was dorm to appt hell. I dreamt this… Continue Reading “The two realities – Dreams”

Take deep breaths – Difficult personalities

I am catching personalities that love fighting, debates, loud chats, mocking, taunting. Its devilish and difficult ppl. Its fun for them and hell for you. Make sure to deep breathe and control your temper. Don’t give them their goal….its your anger or stress. Its… Continue Reading “Take deep breaths – Difficult personalities”

Weekend Office – 9/11-9/12

Just updated the Certificate of Formation. From year 2010 to 2020. Thats Flat Rock to Jetson (My time). So work in progress. It creates naturally Biz updates. #Homeoffice ✨Europe Resident of SL, Detroit MI US of RLife, ⛩A Psychedelic, Therapy Brand📿 ©LDM Yoga, |… Continue Reading “Weekend Office – 9/11-9/12”


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