Mia #Gaming Tech :: Ft OS Grid and Learning HG #VR

Ok, for Mia J Resort Fans….Hello☺️
💕Ty for reading.👍🏾
This is late VR development📋 but…
There are ways to using Open Sims (OS) a Parallel open source system to Second life (SL).
Its a method called Hyper Grid (HG) that fts hosting a premium land or (us/at Mia Resorts) freely creating your own. But then you can land (Sim/estate) hop vs solo/standalone. If this makes sense.
✅For new built asst, i am now testing DreamGrid/OutWorldz to run everything in programming.
✅Next due to (🚧robust server😜) complications (😩always) i wanna try OS grid (Metaverse) to aid my avatar appearance, shopping, sim hopping, est.☺️💕👍🏾 Similar to SL. Mind u, SL is 17 yrs old and well developed. Theres no competition😅. As a Business, i aim to parallel, stream, broadcast my own VR world thou😜😅.

Also and important
🚧Main goals are to develop My Mia Resorts (standalone) in 2020 Est. 2010. (During podcast Yrs)
So hope this works😩, it sounds like a cool tool and short cut.🤔☺️

But as Owners of Mia Real Estate, Beta standalone. I greatly need help and OS grid maybe key🚧.🤔 Its free thru monthly donations, large, and developed. Not an issue and we are similar as a Biz.👍🏾
For independent residents and Educators/Businesses its a good route beyond or with Secondlife. (To be cont)

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