LDM Mia – #HomeOffice – #Money Metaphysics and Fundraising

I know we never chat about the Corps cash flow or fundraising.
As a Rev/Life Coach; I have studied money metaphysics for 10-11 yrs.
When the energy/chi, disconnection, ebb flow is missing at times its not me. No lie, it wont match up. Truly a paradox, especially in 2020.
I am learning my control via co creation and creating more however the blocks can be anything. Examples; I find money blocks via city, family beliefs, society issues, ppl casting the evil eye vs the good eye, the past or old ruts.

In short Money is energy. We are energy.

Our money in short is by division under Yogi Goddess (myself) as legal treasurer. Yogi Goddess dept. (beyond projects or Beatz) also runs the Corp Office, Secretarial work, Accounting/Bks, and administration. In emergency i can also “hire” freelance remote/online to cover job overloads. “Time is money, money is time.” I see this being self employed vs the employee title.

So right now for “fundraising” the keys of receiving are Yogi Goddess. Promotional sites will vary and rotate. Our new Goddess site is https://shebagoddess.guru/

More coming soon. Ty for reading and blessings to you.

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