Day: September 29, 2020

#Yoga Office: Emotions, Upgrades, #coffee limits

I am feeling better. For me in MI/US its 3:13p, i had my lunch, morning yoga therapy, and feeling better. I love coffee but theres a way to drink it. The coffee bean is healthy times ten until you drink 3-4 cups per day.… Continue Reading “#Yoga Office: Emotions, Upgrades, #coffee limits”

Yoga Office: Listen to your body

Honestly some days you can feel crappy. For any reason, your sleep, your food choices, or lack of proper exercises equals 😒Meh/Blah. Your body will toss you under the bus in signals. Your regular routine will lack luster or joy. You began to reboot… Continue Reading “Yoga Office: Listen to your body”

Afternoon All

Afternoon Everyone. Hope you guys are well and in good health. (Using throwbacks right now) ✨Europe Resident of SL, Detroit MI US of RLife, ⛩A Psychedelic, Therapy Brand📿 ©LDM Yoga, | ©LDM Mia Corp, ©Mia J. Resorts, ©Yogi Goddess💃🏾, | TY for visiting👍🏾. 📡New… Continue Reading “Afternoon All”

Fall Term Updates::Ft Class Summary

Campus Class Summary General Introductions Publications and Author: ©Copyright 2018-2020, – ©Love and Divinity In Motion (LDM) ©LDM Yoga University, (HQ) ©LDM Mia Chapel, (HQ) ©Yogi Goddess, ©LDM Mia Corp, Metro Det, MI USA – ©By (Rev Dr) Leslie M Moore (Yogi Goddess), Metaphysician,… Continue Reading “Fall Term Updates::Ft Class Summary”

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