Yoga Office: Listen to your body

Honestly some days you can feel crappy. For any reason, your sleep, your food choices, or lack of proper exercises equals 😒Meh/Blah. Your body will toss you under the bus in signals.
Your regular routine will lack luster or joy. You began to reboot slow to zero. Within Convid, this is scary, stressful, or forbidden. I think we are or can, be pressured into wellness for mere survival. What was originally private or seasonal goals, hitz hot topic. What use to be your choice or lifestyle option is now staying alive. In history its Our 2nd Pandemic i believe. So where do we begin? How do we fix crap days? I am in one☺️. Its my monthly scheduled PMS as a Woman. Then it features real needs i often skip. So my reg foods, daily coffee, est., on PMS or periods are a No.No but i rebel🙃. So what now…on both examples be aware of your body.
Be alert to the signals. Is it your stomach, headaches, (pms) back pain, tense legs, tense body, colon issues, (pms) cramps, extremely tired, things non-Corona😜.
Its you regarding your body. Listen to its complains, then immediately go into action👍🏾. Your action can be fitness, changing food, more fluids, more rest, anything healthy. Its applying change when your body is fussy. The best word is plain fussy or annoyed.

Hope this helps someone or a group today/this week.

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