Vacay topics:: RL to SL (2)

Vacay topics:: RL to SL (2)
Travels N SL does help my sanity. Mostly its clear thought to meditations. Similar to RL. Convid does limit Vacays this yr. I Wanted one in Fall For lakeside-Central MI. Canceled. Using VR…
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Namaste🎸♥ Leslie Michelle (Chinastar)

Namaste🎸♥ Leslie Michelle (Chinastar)
Office Resume: ✿On-Call✿44yr✿Yoga, Rev Coach✿ | ✿Acct Audit Score 99% |✿Followed by verified: TomCruise, Def Jam Recordings, Atlantic, Pam Grier, ET+, DIA+. *OnlineDrLeZ Twitter. ///Detroit Metropolitan Area///
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