Checkin into SL (Coffee hrs)(2)

Checkin into SL (Coffee hrs)(2)
Prince and COFFEE Whos in the MIC///WHOOOO

(HM Radio) ╔═.回.═══════════════════╗ ÃŘẸ ЎỖǗ ŘẸÃĎЎ ŤỖ ƤÃŘŤЎ! ╚═══════════════════.回.═╝ ★ WHERE: Muddy’s Music Cafe ♬ DJ: Avalon ♬ Host: Shawn ♬ TIME: 10am – 12pm! Playing nothing but awesome tunes and taking your requests! Take a seat in that limo and drop by! Muddys Music Cafe (32,124,23)
Visit Kiura (234, 194, 54)