Day: October 10, 2020

Weekend office::Studio budgets

Every project both VR in-World to Home office/studio are individual budgets. To donate to our seasonal or monthly projects more coming soon. Its mentioned rarely so i do need specific sites pre-set. I find V.Reality does way better fundraising then RLife. Maybe even Youtubers.… Continue Reading “Weekend office::Studio budgets”

Weekend Throwback: Deep in Worry

Deep n thought. No….Deep n Worry. A October 10th throwback, probably 2019… Emotions: More when worried or in doubt. I learn constantly, worry creates more dramas and attracts your opposite creation. Its good to shift neg thoughts or change stuck routines. ✨Europe Resident of… Continue Reading “Weekend Throwback: Deep in Worry”

Watch “Astrology Oracle Reading 🔮 for the Week of October 5th” on YouTube

Watch “Get on Your Bird Guided Meditation ✨ For Releasing Anxiety” on YouTube

Hello Everyone from Det., MI.

Hello Everyone from Det., MI. Happy Turkey Weekend for Canada, OMG. – Thanksgiving (Canada) 2020 – Monday, October 12. There are virtual celebrations going on ft in Slife. We had a complete re-arrangement at Muddys Cafe.☺️😅 So Doing coffee last hrs, home vOffice, and… Continue Reading “Hello Everyone from Det., MI.”

Lotus Palace

Lotus Palace [20:45] Now playing: Eastern Dub Tactik – Five N Dub [20:47] Now playing: Holy Dang Dance Party – Seascrollin’ Visit Mumbai (132, 148, 21)

Watch “Tom Cruise and Hayley Atwell seen filming Mission Impossible 7!” on YouTube

Friday Winding down

Friday Winding down Loading outside my rm [18:21] Now playing: Cambis & Florzinho feat. Peyman Bayat – Shaneh (Euphonic Traveller Remix Dub) Visit Mumbai (123, 126, 28)

Office n Motion

Got many projects going and underway. In the meantime… Its Friday night and i still have work in both worldz to do. Actually mostly in SL. I have misc to final fam aide rounds by 11p/12a. So i will login right now to SL,… Continue Reading “Office n Motion”

Starting the weekend (Nite Office)

Happy Friday, Oct 9th, Now freakin evening near 9.😜 Its been busy yall, retarded busy😅 ✨Europe Resident of SL, Mia Gaming of OSims, Detroit MI US of RLife, ⛩A Psychedelic, Therapy Brand📿 ©LDM Yoga, | ©LDM Mia Corp, ©Mia J. Resorts, ©Yogi Goddess💃🏾.📡Promos vary,… Continue Reading “Starting the weekend (Nite Office)”

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