Day: October 13, 2020

HM Radio::Muddys Music2

HM Radio::Muddys Music2 [15:08] Now playing: Robyn – Show Me Love [15:12] Now playing: DJ D-Luv – Sweet Fantasy Visit Kiura (235, 206, 54)

HM Radio::Muddys Music Cafe

HM Radio::Muddys Music Cafe At HM, SL. Muddys Radio/Live: D-Luv The Powerhouse! –> 2PM – 4PM SLT! Your Awesome Host Adrastos!! MUDDY’S Music Cafe 70s 80s 90’s POP, Soft Rock Today’s Top 40! Muddys Music Cafe Visit Kiura (234, 199, 54)

HM Radio::The Killers – The Man

HM Radio::The Killers – The Man At HM, SL. Muddy’s as my Radio. I do rotate the radio. (Only using Firestorm Viewer) [14:27] Now playing: Bruno Mars – Treasure (Radio Edit) [14:29] Now playing: The Killers – The Man Visit Kiura (239, 201, 55)

Heck, Game On:: Dayshift

I love when RiRi said, “Game on” in Ocean 8. I love that character too, as a Leslie. Its coded/nicknamed. Its that type of day. Like freakin Europe. Going Europe. Its whaaaaaaat, its 12:30p. Good Afternoon Everyone. Starting my work rounds in sections for… Continue Reading “Heck, Game On:: Dayshift”

Rentals can be stern

Rentals can be stern via Lotus Palace Hotel & Retreat: I lost track of my hotel rm Doing projects and RLife werk. OOOOOOOomg kicked out of my Hotel rm and the Retreat group. Rentals can be stern Visit Kiura (232, 201, 53)

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