Workshop::Pandemic Awareness

My thoughts in short,
Its near 5p for me, its getting dark out.
So i do short rounds in house right before.
Even closing blinds or eating…miscellaneous.


This Pandemic has shown me sum interesting facts.
First ppl survival ain’t the same. Also who’s positive or negative within family, friends, online social. I have seen professionals go negative. Never yap out medical data backwards. Its pure yapping yo nasty trap. Just shut it up. Shut up. Never insult ppl with preexisting conditions. They know, they are surviving, they are here. I am nearly LPN and i get offended. Its so crazy what i see. We cannot tear down friends, family, co-workers, est. We should be encouraging and lifting each other up. Jus my first topic of the Workshop. I will post/stream 3 weeks.