How to start :: Age of Aquarius :: 12-21 notes

On study notes:
How to start your Age of Aquarius
1. Its auto pilot
2. Old rut, stuck, issues should clear slow. Like your credit history does. The worse clears eventually.
3. You could get started by reviewing the worse, annoying, even current issues.
4. Sometimes it not even you but others hanging on to your past or old dramas. They clear slow.
5. A pure celebration to receive this reboot according to time and alignment.
6. So many others awaited this day for years
7. Whats dark, edgy, haunting, irritating, sum intentional, evil eyes, will drop, release, flow out. Its over, it done. Thats also a celebration, so claim it early. Its your right vs 2021.
8. I find traditional, device, or PC notes or journals do work. Its not usually for others unless reflections. It works on multi problems including manifesting
9. More coming soon, thx for reading my blog(s)

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