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Mnuchin Says Stimulus Payments to Households Could Come Next Week – WSJ

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Second Stimulus Checks: When Will They Arrive, How Much Will The New Round Be? – WSJ

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Congress voted Monday to authorize a second round of stimulus payments to households. There are many similarities to the ones that were paid in the spring but also some important differences. Here is what we know about them, though things could change as the government implements the program.

When will the second stimulus payments arrive?

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said Monday the first batch of payments could go out at the beginning of next week. That is faster than in the spring, where it took about two weeks after the legislation was signed. The first batches may also be larger than in the spring. That is because the government now has more information about groups that got later payments in the first round, including those who typically don’t file tax returns and those who receive federal benefits. Those who receive paper checks or debit cards instead of direct deposits will have to wait slightly longer. The bill is written so the IRS makes the payments by Jan. 15, meaning that anyone eligible after that date would likely have to get the money as part of their 2020 tax return.


#stimuluspackage #stimuluscheck #homeoffice #selfemployed

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The Apts:SL Travels 3
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