Watch “Winter Wonderlands – 4K Snowy Winter Scenery with Beautiful Piano Music – Snow Ambience” on YouTube

I subscribed but *another good video of relaxation music.

~ December to January

This was reminds me of Secondlife and my avatar vacations. Those are HD/super graphics and VR visits that slow….form more gamer memories. I caught this on real, local campus yrs ago. I remembered my VR vacations whenever in real time, i skipped it. My classes, dating, hustling a couple style schedule came first. SL and blogs were optional and greatly reduced.

♡So To me its art in motion. Your real life can be Enchanted and enhanced.
☆I was lucky to catch it before the Pandemic.
So I am now, experimenting and alert.

~ON Current weather (MICHIGAN US example. Our snow is off and on and melts faster. Yrs do vary)

1, For winter with snow,
we have one image and a series of emotions…

But wait….

2, Without any snow,
We have a chilly autumn imagery and those emotions.

~ Your lockdown in itself shifts with weather, comfort, emotions, and perception

☆Just sharing sum tips or ideas♡

~ LDM Mia, LDM Yoga ♡

Watch “4K Nature Sounds TV Backgrounds – No Music” on YouTube

Remote, Guided/Visualization Meditation:

Use random video to practice Meditation.
Take minutes to an hour plus.

You are walking in a forest


Your thoughts are free and clear, or extra cluttered,

1. Look inside your minds eye, the silent visual.
This may take awhile or practice.
2. What do u see or feel. Monitor emotions and signals. Note any reminders of art, music, games, movies, your minds code.
3. You could clear and solve hard issues within mins or hour.
4. The power of meditation

– LDM Mia, LDM Yoga