Watch “Winter Wonderlands – 4K Snowy Winter Scenery with Beautiful Piano Music – Snow Ambience” on YouTube

I subscribed but *another good video of relaxation music.

~ December to January

This was reminds me of Secondlife and my avatar vacations. Those are HD/super graphics and VR visits that slow….form more gamer memories. I caught this on real, local campus yrs ago. I remembered my VR vacations whenever in real time, i skipped it. My classes, dating, hustling a couple style schedule came first. SL and blogs were optional and greatly reduced.

♡So To me its art in motion. Your real life can be Enchanted and enhanced.
☆I was lucky to catch it before the Pandemic.
So I am now, experimenting and alert.

~ON Current weather (MICHIGAN US example. Our snow is off and on and melts faster. Yrs do vary)

1, For winter with snow,
we have one image and a series of emotions…

But wait….

2, Without any snow,
We have a chilly autumn imagery and those emotions.

~ Your lockdown in itself shifts with weather, comfort, emotions, and perception

☆Just sharing sum tips or ideas♡

~ LDM Mia, LDM Yoga ♡