HAPPY SUNDAY – Coffee hr

First Thx to both blogs, of Blogger and WordPress for reading. Again both blogs are helpful and serving the company. Spooky our survival oldest blogs (applause 👏 🙌) a decade old 😆 🤣

Second, i dont do email subscriptions but i multiple post features the email option for WordPress and blogger. I also use the blogger, WordPress app for Android. I email from my iPad, galaxy tab, and Secondlife.
So Any subscription membership could work and maybe listed in WordPress using the premium tools.

Topics do vary. I took a break from yoga because my Global publishing. It is approved but processing still from December before Xmas. Updates will be later during the winter.

For US stimulus: For those still waiting, this week coming up is the last expecting week or you don’t get one. Best bets would be filing an early tax return/refund. A third stimulus is possible but not nearly ready. This could hit March for 1400 (or Even less). I do track news regularly in YouTube. Along with Astrology and occasional yoga tips.

More soon

Happy Sunday