Roscommon Ridge

Roscommon Ridge
Roscommon Ridge Located on the northwest flanks of Mount Campion the highest mountain in SL, Roscommon Ridge is an annex of Mount Campion National Forest. Containing over 37,000 sq meters of gorgeous alpine garden of trails, canyons, forest, rivers, waterfalls and caves. Well suited for horseback riding and photography. Come and explore!

Location: Spinach

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Personal Research – Modern #Housewife

I gotta sayFirst, homemakers and housewives are fading fast.
We now have blended homes, no traditions, and working couples. To find a homemaker at home, home with kids, with home office is rare to unique.

My current situation is already home office, Biz, and parents misc home care. However i do plan to marry and shockingly sooner then ppl think. It Really depends on our extended Pandemic. My situation is not bleak and doom. I feel stuck in comfort zones yes. My duties seem to transfer to my parents vs my own home/house/husband. I need a change or shift.

Most wives nearly the club, ignore us single or dating girls. They feel we are daydreaming or not serious.

However, i am and starting my research.

New Example: Mom was the 80s version of the 1950s. Extremely intense perfection. Not healthy so researching modern for home workers/offices.

– Lez Michelle of LDM Mia Corp, LDM Yoga