Personal Research – Modern #Housewife

I gotta sayFirst, homemakers and housewives are fading fast.
We now have blended homes, no traditions, and working couples. To find a homemaker at home, home with kids, with home office is rare to unique.

My current situation is already home office, Biz, and parents misc home care. However i do plan to marry and shockingly sooner then ppl think. It Really depends on our extended Pandemic. My situation is not bleak and doom. I feel stuck in comfort zones yes. My duties seem to transfer to my parents vs my own home/house/husband. I need a change or shift.

Most wives nearly the club, ignore us single or dating girls. They feel we are daydreaming or not serious.

However, i am and starting my research.

New Example: Mom was the 80s version of the 1950s. Extremely intense perfection. Not healthy so researching modern for home workers/offices.

– Lez Michelle of LDM Mia Corp, LDM Yoga