Lockdown or Fallout – Ft SL Vacays

Meanwhile in SL during Fallout lol

This rental has 3 minutes and 49 seconds left. /perfect checkout by accident.
Otherwise evictions are instant in SL, term and action. Thats real estate on speed and safe.

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Spooky But true – Fallout shelters

Sorry to say
We are living already like we hit the fallout shelters.
Every household differs on routines and protocol.
I have seen this over the seasons.
No judgment but some are balanced,
Others dysfunctional.
Same issues Actually.
Just Pandemic versions.
We do share health awareness, a step.

Art by wallpapercave.com

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Convid Edition – Balance and #Health

Starting today on feelings and emotions.

We regularly tune out for work, college, family, and other hustles, our mind and body intuition. All and any aches, pains, emotional wounds, mental crashes…we tune out and down. We push and grind time. It’s addictive and accepted. Its nearly a badge to overflow, overwork. Its cool to hustle 2 to 4 jobs. Beyond your bills, you get applause. Beyond your solo survival in working – middleclass,  you get cheerleaders. 

Now This is the paradox of it, i seen all sides. 

You are on a dead-end road. This is your health, period. The world won’t back you or alert you. Ego yes, health and longevity none. Its very one-sided. Now Imagine society giving you an award to breakdown, become sick, and burn out. No lie is invisible. Always have been on decades maybe centuries. Been there and done it several times. Its an invisible Timeline. I see why our #Pandemic hit so surreal. Our world beliefs are unhealthy. We are living lies. Zen life, yoga, and holistic health was left for Hippies just before #COVID. 

Why do we suffer? Poor us, poor humanity? 

It’s not God or the universe, its us. It’s not doomsday the movies, its us. We all contribute somehow on some Timeline this metaphor of Global sickness. Past or present time we all contribute to our society illness. We are endangering our mother earth. Also that twin galaxy earth could be hosting alien nation. (Lol) So don’t get clever or fancy. Who knows the friends or lg enemies of other galaxies. We still have one earth (lol)

Nearly 12 mos:

In closing 

within a Pandemic era, we have to feel. We have to be alert and feel ourselves. All Countries, celebrities (their stories), social online, friends, and family…we all feel. You can still semi sugar coat some issues. You could still create a wacky home schedule. However your body will alert you. You could now crash into COVID-19 issues and personal. If not already over the lockdowns. 

Slowly and small, began to feel your day. 

Feel your body, listen to your body, understand the language of it. Its our time to reboot and change some lifestyles. Its time to save ourselves, save humanity….

Just a thought

Peace ✌ out (blogger, WordPress, IG)