Valentine’s Eve – Love Yourselves – Daily Efforts

☆Happy VDAY Eve – Everyone.☆Its still 2/13, Saturday for me.
In short, sum reflections 1-5.

⊙1. Love Yourself. Review old issues release them. Review old habits, break them. Understand your emotions, and love yourself. ⊙2. Deep breathe often. Its ok to exhale. Its safe to Exhale. ⊙3. Never give up. Sowing small seeds will grow eventually. For fewer failures try setting smaller goals vs millionaire levels. Every success has its work ethic. ⊙4. Never say Never. Every wish, prayer, and goal is achieved in time. We are in a more speeder time then 10 to 30 decades ago. So take advantage, be open, practice thinking bigger. ⊙5. Enjoy the moment. Use today, prepare your future by taking care of today.

Jus random love tips

Art by LDM Mia and 

Leslie Michelle LDM Yoga, LDM Mia Studios 

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