Monetizing Projects – Recording ft Yoga

☆LDM Mia Recording, Featured Yogi Goddess: Upcoming in 2021:

1) I love Ambient Music from SL VR to YouTube. So working on Rebooting first older beatz. Some of my VR Yoga vods are actually Ambient style. Like who knew right, lol. These will be credited, distributed, and released through Vydia. A format used for years. Recent upgrades does include YouTube and social media. We are paid ($) still for older Yogi Goddess Videos. So using Vydia is a blessing and progress.

2) Updating this season the Recording Studio, however expired beatz are not being renewed via projects status. Its default to mourn the unseen (The Awww lol). The last promo was up for 12mos and expired last fall.

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☆Yogi Goddess, Recording Bio:

★ ★ – Leslie Michelle/Yogi Goddess (☆China, Liza)