Wait…LETS DO Sum Math – on Money Vintage…


We have to understand something…SMH…

The economy is already ever changing (career news and the web)

So imagine the pandemic version over the 12mos.
We have to boost each other
Vs tear down. (?)
The old stereotypes are canceling as we speak. (I lie none)
I rarely; within social, see aka the lazy ppl. (FT moms at home)
So many people are transitioning already to home office, work from home, or Frontline. But all three are income/salaried/tips/royalties based.
Jus an observation.
The changes are still VERY settle. The social media is extremely slow.
Our perceptions are a little behind.
If anything, ppl are underemployed or laid off work. ‘That cancels zero income’.

Its why the democrats and Republicans keep mixed views. Its really on income level now.
A big reason why the stimulus, cut down millions of ppl. (?wow?)
Some households don’t need the stimulus. Its extra cash for them vs survival. They hit comfort or luxury vs real needs. The higher your salary you are using this stimulus like a work-bonus check. Otherwise lower incomes codependent. I feel with PPP revisions, America shows up ‘as’ Self-employment survival. That cancels the lazy assumptions.

But anyways…

My sunday thoughts

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