Well its Happy Hour

Well Its early yet
Have fun everyone.
Technically its happy hour 😆 🤣

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2 years of endings a transformation

Reflections on Ending, In TAROT Death Card:

3/17, 4:44p, St Patricks Day

About 12- 24 months, most Zodiacs will experience endings. In TAROT its the death card. Its not, nearly just the Taurus team 😆🤣. Anyways lol, on warning; it going to hit you slow. The signs are there but easy to ignore.

Examples when u catch a relationship, friendship, associate, job, career, money opportunity, college/class, or project *not working. Its done sitting without notice. Its done period, its plain over. Clocking literally, after December 21, The Aquarius age; things ‘live action’ will end themselves. So when it occurs, let it go. "Like BYE..". It saves you time and effort. Yes its hurtful but maybe its the ego. Even on emotions, cry but move on. These things have to gooooo, the paths and doors are opening. So don’t chase a close door. Don’t chase death literally. Its for your success and victory. The two wont connect. Picture like a movie or storybook, the beginning and death wont social or friendship.

Just a random thought on experience.

Lez Michelle
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