#YogaOffice – Annual Warning – Our Wacky Stans

Office, blogger, WordPress, Google Biz:

Hello again,
My readers, Loyalz, and newcomers.

1. The LDM Mia weebly has been closed. Its not used much by my Loyalz and was annoyingly outta date. I went ADD and lost patience, no lie. We have one weebly left its the Chapel website.

2. On annual updates, we do host business or studio stans. They are a lil looney, loopy, EDU wacky, desperate maybe, i don’t know. However they take vintage ebooks from LDM Mia and create new websites. A perk Amazon Kindle closed for us. Its a mixed blessing i think. My ebooks are very exclusive old and new. So Please be careful of anything appearing unofficial. I mention this only annually but its very important. Do not get scammed or drawn to an unsafe website. Do not provide credit card or PayPal in any (hacked) unsecured and unofficial site. If i create a new site, i link my main info, and announce it eventually. Sometimes these sites are promotional scams to get new customers while others are Stans for real.

3. To read or register for our ebook courses and more please visit the gumroad website.

4. I am working on new projects if things appear quiet. However both the blogger and WordPress are legit updating all day or once a day during the Pandemic months/year.

5. More coming Soon for Spring. Thx for reading and following.

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