Chakra Healing (3)

Chakra Healing (3)
The color therapy and reflections are de-stressing
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Chakra Healing ft SL travels

Chakra Healing ft SL travels
Chakra Healing: We are hitting yellow so thats…

Sacral Chakra Color// The sacral chakra color is orange and is closely related to red in frequency but operates at a higher vibration. Orange…

Solar Plexus Chakra Color// Yellow is the solar plexus chakra color and while it still maintains the warm tones of red and orange, the lighter

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The Zodiac, Energy, Letting go (Yoga life)

The Zodiac, Energy, Letting go (Yoga life)
The zodiac reported good news and more for my sign; Taurus. But i have to let go, protect my energy, and detach. Sometimes PPL are attached too you, other times its a psychic attack. So i need extra clingy energies released today. They are not even aware, I sense ppl get lost, they attack or clingy on…Harm none but its time. Old issues are done this week. Some issues are a decade plus old. My Spiritual Spring Cleaning.
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