#Reality and #perception – random thoughts

In 1-2 weeks,
Something i caught from social gurus to random TV shows…Two things. Perception and time are golden. Time is truly money. It seems surreal but makes more sense in 2021. Imagine Your time during this pandemic is valuable. Whether you are a mom/father, home office, front line worker, college, or unemployed. The way your time is measured does pays your salary. In self employment its based on leadership but similar. The way you process time and money are very essential. By habit we dont see it. It does take deep thought to connect the dots. To really catch your time being money.

Now in perception, this gets tricky. How you perceive, your experiences will measure your reality. Are you enjoying your home life, job, college, family, social? Why or Why not? Are you seeing the glass half full or half empty, Why or Why not? How are you doing in the pandemic? Are you hopeful? Are you depressed? Really evaluate your moods, emotions, and mental health as well.

Jus some ideas i was processing solo. Figure i would share my thoughts.

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