Joining Anchor with wordpress

Joining Anchor with wordpress
Happy Monday. Welcome to LDM and Mia Office. Former Podcast radio and Yoga Life Coach. I will be testing blog posts for anchor Podcast conversion. Stay tuned for more information. Secondlife Location at Buddha Center, buddhism buddhist teaching center

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Mon, 4/5 – I Boss and Employ myself.

Mon, 4/5 – I Boss and Employ myself.
Mon, 4/5: 11-12n I am so in my zodiac and taurus right now. Its Aries season so i am chillin, relaxed, doing my office mgt. I do need spring projects started slow this week to Next. Also my next income. I am not paid W2 or paycheck. I Boss and Employ myself. Its resume and on demand motivated.
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Happy Easter Monday, Starting office

Still Easter for sum ppl via the calendar. What is Easter Monday.
We stop after Sunday as a fam. Our Easter Candy optional, it was skipped this yr.
We returned Easter Dinner, that was nice.
So bck to work and office.

Doin my usual and blogs. Happy April/Showers.
Be safe, Stay home or vaccine.
I plan to wait myself. Not getting any spring shotz.
Probably Summer especially for any required vaccine passport(s)

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