Progress on 4th Stimulus on March Data

Hello all

Including Blogger and WordPress

First it snowed in Michigan, ok it snowed. (Paused) 😆
So now moving on 😆

Second, Pros and Cons the complaints on Biden. Yes, I voted Team Obama Biden. I did not see a long checklist with Trump, this was last October before he sabotaged himself. I also noted his hot temper. Now (a Detroit note) Trump and money is stronger then Biden. Its very noticeable locally in politics. In Biz for Trump thats his iconic image or was. Now Biden appears optimistic but at times very extreme. His middle ground needs work. Because He almost would have canceled the 4th stimulus. Letters and lawmakers have been pushing for a 4th and recurring. So far there’s extra cash for couples with children dependents but that’s all. I heard this begins in July for families. However others were left out. This week similar to Trump, theres Economic data on stimulus spending. This could aid us getting more to keep the U.S economy going. Tuning in now for results, included my notes and ongoing. Sharing my update link below. Channels do vary for stimulus news. Happy April Ending.

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