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Bio: A Virtual Reality (VR) Expert within 3D, Animation, & Simulation. Projects Feature Photography and Yoga. A Goddess Biz building my Dynasty.

Love and Divinity In Motion Inc. 


For Online Sessions 2010-2011:
Have been cancelled. Please see our blogs for more news. We will transfer sessions to Simulation for Internationals. International fans are 80-90% of our foundation back drop, followers, and customers.

(Private On call only)

About Online Counseling:
In the traditional method of counseling, a person will go seek the help and comfort of a practitioner, Coach, or expert ‘in person’ this is via the office Environment. We know this traditional method and one on one service; is still in practice today.However; the access of the Internet has personalized (over 10 yrs) Virtual Professionals to offer Online (or 3D Sims) services to individuals who may not be able or prefer not to join, afford, or access, the traditional method of therapy

About Dr Moore; Consultant ND/NMD of Michigan, 
ND/NMD are licensed by state to state laws. NDs do not have requirements or regulations within the State Michigan. ND/NMD are allowed to give Consultants services, suggestions, impressions, and recommendations. We are not allowed to prescribe medication as other ND/NMD

Dr (Rev) Moore Certifications, experience, and holistic Background provides a safety net and assurance; for clients and customers of both Michigan and Online:

Certifications, 2005 to 2008: 
Complementary and Alternative Medicine,
Herbal Medicine,
Physical Therapy,
Yoga Teacher Instructor, Iyengar/Hatha.
Accredited/Certified School and Director in Holistic Health,
Metaphysical Science, MsD

*We always operate within our training and experience. All situations are handled at a comfortable level of ease, within all Certifications and field wisdom*

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Co Milestones
*Love and Divinity In Motion:
Web designer/ Digital Artist/ influencer-Business

*Investment Jobs:
Blogger, Sales/Web Design, Game Artist

During 2010-2018:
Organization functions as a Studio.
Our Studio is divided into, Classroom, Dance/Yoga, and Recording. These studios are virtual or simulation first before expanding to local/Metro Detroit

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Mia Jonita Resorts/LDM-Mia Corp

Professional Gamer, VR/3D Expert